Best bottle comes with MultiCap™ = Spout + Spray + Straw + Hanger + FlatCap.

Spout + Spray + Straw

Food grade stainless steel with vacuum insulated double wall. Keeps the beverage Cold or Hot 10 times longer.

Insulated Stainless Steel
 Hot or Cold beverage

Comes with HookLook™ Hanger. Best sports water bottle. Buy Now $29 Free shipping

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  • Best stainless steel 304 18/8. 16.9 floz/500 ml
  • Vacuum insulated double walls. Cold or Hot ten times longer.
  • The bottle doesn’t sweat.
  • Patented MultiCap™ = Spout + Spray + Straw + Hanger + FlatCap™.
  • An off-center spout for a high flow rate makes you swallow less air.
  • The integrated straw pulls up & down with your teeth.
  • Removable HookLook™ makes a strong lock when hanging the bottle.
  • Comes with a straw brush.
  • Eco-friendly. No BPA
  • No plastic taste or odor.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Lightweight, durable and lasts a lifetime.
  • Meets FDA and CPFC standards. Food-graded material.
  • A wide mouth opening easily cleans, refills, and adds ice cubes.
  • Additional and replacement parts are available.
  • One hand operated.
  • Lid-protected drink area.
  • Leakproof.

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