Care for the bottle

  • Make sure you clean the cap and bottle before first time use.
    Rinse the cap with warm water and brush softly.
  • Do not put the bottle in the microwave.
  • After use, remove the cap from the bottle, open the lid and rinse with warm water, then let it air-dry.
  • The shrink sleeve label is easy to remove. Remove it to make it dishwasher safe.
  • Take off the MultiCap before you put it in the dishwasher.
  • The bottle should not be used by children under the age of 5 because of choke hazard.
  • For additional or replacement parts, contact us by email.
  • Please read the instructions that comes with the bottle before you use it.

Use the bottle

  • Spray: When you use the fine mist spray function for the first time you need to press the pump 3 times.
  • Straw: The straw is very easy to pull up and down with your teeth. No fingers needed. Make sure to keep the straw clean. The straw comes up maximum 2,5 cm (0.984 inches) so it won’t brake. It’s perfect to use when you’re driving, no need to tilt your head back.
  • Spout: The 3 holes creates a natural high flow rate because it’s off center. You swallow less air. There is no need to “squeeze” the bottle.
  • Hanger When you put the 2 hooks together it makes a strong lock. You can use one hanger with a plastic 16.9oz bottle, a key chain or for a towel. YOU NEED 2 HOOKS LOCKED TO HANG THE STEEL BOTTLE. ID your bottle with your color or write your name on the hook. One hanger can be folded together on your key chain or in your wallet so the hook doesn’t stick out.
  • The MultiCap is leak proof but to be 100% sure use the red FlatCap.
  • The MultiCap is only for water. Use the red FlatCap for all other beverage.
  • Be careful with hot beverage, make sure that Adapter & Cap are tightly screwed. Only use red FlatCap for hot beverage.
  • Take off the shrink sleeve label on the brushed bottle.
  • Use the red o-ring to secure the clear lid on the MultiCap.
  • Please read the instruction that comes with the bottle.