Best water bottle comes with a MultiCap™. Spout, Spray, Straw and Hanger.

MultiCap™ = Spout + Spray + Straw + Hanger.

Food grade stainless steel with vacuum insulated double wall. Keeps the beverage Cold or Hot 10 times longer.

Best quality stainless steel insulated double wall for Hot or Cold beverage.

Best bottle comes with HookLock hanger. Buy Now, best sports water bottle. Only $19 Free shipping

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  • BestBottleEver™ is a patented multi-purpose sports water bottle. Made in USA.
  • Best quality stainless steel 18/8.
  • BestBottleEver™ is double wall vacuum insulated and keeps beverage Cold for 24 hours or Hot for 12 hours. And even better; It doesn’t sweat!
  • BestBottleEver™ comes with our patented MultiCap™ = Spray+Straw+Spout+Hanger.
  • Off center spout for high flow rate, makes you swallow less air.
  • The integrated straw pulls up with your teeth.
  • The 2 removable hook hangers makes a strong lock.
  • Use the spray to clean off the machines at the gym, clean your glasses or to cool down your face.
  • BestBottleEver™ is a healthy option. No plastic taste or odor. No BPA or dangerous chemicals which is common in sports and water bottles.
  • Our bottles are eco friendly with a low price. Bottle is dishwasher safe.
  • Light weight, durable and easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Meets FDA and CPFC standards. Food graded material.
  • The wide mouth opening makes it easy to clean, refill and add ice cubes.
  • Additional and replacement parts are available.
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